The Beginning……

Cupido Gowns and Dresses

Hi all,

Welcome to Cupido Gowns and Dresses, we have been running a gown business for close to four years and had gathered a significant pool of loyal client base.

Through these four years of operation, we have gain valuable experience and had shared many things with our value clients. Many had became close friends to us and had asked us for advices on wedding preparation and dress advices, of which we have sincerely assisted.

Many had gone back with a smile and had continue to return to us as return customers.

Then there come a time when one of them pop us a question ……

“Hay why won’t you guys write or blog about what you guys does best, that is giving advices online to the wide community out there? There are plenty of young community whom are in need of advices for their budget wedding planning on a shoe string and also those who would like to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) their own wedding instead of engaging a wedding planner.”

After discussing among ourselves, we thought this is timely, with our years of bridal experience we are proud to say that we will be able to solve most bridal issues in particular concerning the wedding gown, ROM dress, Evening Dress or Dinner Dress and bridesmaid dress.

Thus this blog was coined out.

In this blog, we will start by introducing who we are and how we actually started. We will also cover the selections of gowns and dresses. Advices on choice of dresses for different occasion will also be covered.

So in order to get more info on any of these, please stay tune to this blog space.

Most important, like our Facebook page to keep abreast of any new dress release.
Do drop by our website to view the vast range of dresses that we have in ready stock.
There are a total of about 500 dress of various designs to choose from, therefore you will not be disappointed.

Here in Cupido Gowns and Dresses, we alter our dress to fit you! And all the alteration prices are included in the price of the dress/suit thus you don’t need to pay extra for it! We provide ONLY high quality dresses which you can get from bridal shop but at half the price. So for those whom like DIYing their weddings, we are definitely going to be of helpful.

So stay tune…….

Wedding Ring


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