Shiny Red Evening Gown

We had Lisa that came to us today after finding us online.

Lisa had signed a bridal package but are not satisfied with the evening dress selections. She went through the vast collection of evening dresses in our website and shortlisted three of them. After which she contacted us for an appointment today.

After trying out the three dresses, she became more stress, as she feels that she likes all three of them, that is when she asked for advice from our in-house experts.

Our in-house expert first find out whether is it a wedding lunch or dinner, follow by checking on the venue of the event. We then asked if she has any design or theme preference. Lastly we check on the venue decoration and the lighting that is expected of the venue. Armed with these information, we recommended her the Silk Satin Dress top with translucent Chiffon. The Satin dress comes with an open cleavage design that will bring out the feminine side of her. The top of the dress comes with red lace sewn over gold silk satin top. Glittering beads are sewn on the red lace to reflect light rays and this helps to put Lisa in the limelight when she marches in to the ballroom.

Do you want to catch the attention of your guest when you march in to the wedding hall just like Lisa? Drop us an email by clicking on this link NOW!

Shiny Red Evening Gown | Cupido Gowns
Shiny Red Evening Gown


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