Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown

Today we have Doreen who came in to our store in search of a wedding gown for her wedding lunch reception. She had engaged a wedding planner for this event whom had recommended her to two bridal shops. She was quoted at least S$3500 for a wedding gown in those shops. This is way above her budget. Thus she decide to look online for her ideal wedding gown and she chance upon our site (

After browsing through our site, she short-listed several wedding gowns and contacted us for an appointment.

She tried her selected gowns and some other designs from our collection after recommendations by our in-store expert. She finally decides happily on a brand new Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown at S$400 to rent for the event. This Mermaid Wedding Gown is constructed using quality organza with satin as base. The gown has hand-sewn flowery lace with gorgeous bead works that brings out the gracefulness of the gown.

Doreen is one satisfied client as we meet her needs for a simple yet elegant wedding gown for the event. She is happy that she don’t have to pay a handsome bill of S$3500 for her gown.

At Cupido Gowns, we take pride in providing the most affordable and high quality gowns to make all bride a happy one!

You too can join the line of happy brides like Doreen, just give us a call at +65-93823608 or email us at NOW!

WG0121-1 Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown


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