Shoulder Strap Empire Evening Dress

Lilian visited our store after having went through the gowns and dresses that were being offered at the shopping malls. Before she visited us, she had shopped around for several weeks and there weren’t much time left to find the right gown for her to attend her god daughter’s wedding in Philippines.

Being given a theme colour of ivory white, finding a suitable evening dress that will not steal the bride’s limelight is not an easy task. Thus, after seeing our online Evening Dress collection, Lilian came to us for help.

When Lilian shortlisted the evening dresses from our racks, her utmost criteria was to find a dress that will shelter her seemingly large arms. Our in-store experts proceed to quickly choose a few designs from tube gowns, toga dresses to shoulder straps evening dress for Lilian to try on. And they all look good on her!

Lilian commented that she can easily shortlist three evening dresses that she likes at our store, which she does not get to enjoy elsewhere.

After understanding Lilian’s needs, our in-store expert analyse the three evening dresses based on her preference and helped her shortlist the desired dress for the occasion. Lilian is very happy with the shoulder strap evening dress that comes with a flowy train to bring out the feminine side of Lilian.

So shop with us now with great success without wasting your valuable time

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LD0336-1 Shoulder Strap Empire ROM Gown-horz


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