What do you look out for when you are selecting an Online Gown Shop in Singapore?

In recent months, Online Gowns Shops are sprouting out all over Singapore selling all sorts of gowns from different countries with different designs similar to those famous designers. Beautiful pictures of gowns and promises littering all over the websites. It is getting very difficult to determine whether they are genuine good online shops to purchase from.

Being in this industry for about 4 years, we at Cupido Gowns, have compiled the following questions for you to check with any Online Gown Shops.

Cupido Gowns
Picture showing the large dress collection for http://www.Cupidogowns.com

1) Do they have the actual dresses physically to try on and purchase from?

Most of the Online Gown Shop do not have physical gowns or dresses in stock, which means they merely put up photos they get on the internet and post it on their websites. Once there are interested customers, they will get the measurements and, together with the photos fetched from the internet, they send it to their vendors (which may not be the ultimate manufacturer) to order the gown for the customer.

Buying a dream wedding gown or evening dress that fits you perfectly for the unique and special occasion is a very important task. Especially for a Wedding, Brides should know that this is a Once in a Lifetime Event that no one should risk turning it out bad! As an example, if you are the Bride eyeing at Heart Shape Tube Wedding Gown, trying two different gowns with different bead works will give you a different outlook, though they are of the same cutting. The difference that could be just 5%, and it is this 5% variance that will turn any gown to fail for just any event. Thus, to be able to try out the gown physically is one very important factor.

Our exorbitant collection, with a full online catalogue available, provides you a peep at all the designs that we have and prepare you with some idea on what to select. We usually encourage our clients to short list about three dresses after browsing through our collections before coming to our store to try and confirm that is the one they want.

2) How many Days do they need to turn around the dress that you want?

Most of the online vendors takes at least 4 months to get your dress ready from scratch.

Here at Cupido Gowns, with our physical gowns available in-store, we have our group of skilled seamstresses whom can alter the gowns to fit you within 3 weeks time. If it is awfully urgent, we can practically provide express alteration at a small surcharge and the lead time can be as short as less than one week for you take home the gown. Of course, we are talking about quality alteration and This is definitely not seen anywhere else in Singapore!

3) How many designs do they have?

My question for you, would you shop in a dress shop with only two gowns or would you visit a full warehouse full of different designs?

This answer is obvious. Many gown shops out there do not stock physical gowns. They get them from their vendor only upon orders received from customers. On many occasion, these gown shop owners may not have seen the gown themselves. Is that what you want or would you prefer to be able to select and try on the gown before paying a handsome bill for the most beautiful wedding gown of your life? Ultimately it is for a very special event in your lifetime and so you better be able to try on them.

Here at Cupido Gowns we stock about 500 different gowns and dresses for our clients to choose to their hearts content. You will definitely find a dress that will be able to bring out the inner beauty in you! We cater for different body sizes and do not repeat designs. Thus, you can rest assure that we do not sell another gown of the same design in our store.

4) Is their Gowns new and do they do rental?

When you go to an Online Gown shop, it is important to know whether the online shop sells only new gowns or do they do rental. For rental, there is a term called perpetual rental which means that the dress they have are set for rental over and over again. This usually makes the dress yellowish after numerous rental attempts. Some of the Online Gown shop didn’t even have new gowns to offer and they take in second-hand gowns from ex-brides!

At Cupido Gowns, we sincerely understand that your wedding day is a special day for you and we treasure it as much as you do by providing you with only brand new gowns! Brand new gowns are always available for brand new purchase or rental. And our brand new gowns are only rented once. We do not rent any gowns twice and that’s a guarantee! So how do we dispose our rented gowns?

Our first client whom rent will get to enjoy a brand new gown. Especially some brides for customary purposes, they would prefer being the first to wear and it is still at rental rates. After dry cleaning, the second client that came up to get the same gown will get to keep the almost new, brand new gowns, still at rental price!

5) What is the quality of their gowns?

Pictures are sometimes misleading. We advise our clients to examine the physical dress to look at the quality, in particular the fabric used, bead works and workmanship of the dress.

Here at Cupido Gowns we provide our clients with the first class grade of fabric. Most of our wedding dress  are made of silk glossy satin, high grade organza, lace and tafetta. Whilst our evening gowns are mostly made of pearl chiffon and top of the grade silk satin coupled with dedicated lace that provide little surprises.

On top of that, the quality beads that we use provides elegant glitter under the spotlight especially for Brides whom are marching in to their event venue with our gowns.

6) What kind of sizes do they have in their collections?

Most Online Gown Shop do not carry the physical gowns at their store and hence, having a definite size measurement for your shortlisted gown will be a question mark.

At Cupido Gowns, we stock dresses of different measurements depending on the specific designs. Normally, our gowns fit petite sizes to large and some gowns even comes in plus sizes. Thus allows our clients to select more designs.

The list above is not exhaustive. Nevertheless these are the few pointers that you should at least have in your checklist before deciding on your gown provider.


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