Puffy Heart Shape Wedding Gown

Today we have Maria flying in all the way from Moscow, Russia just to get her dream wedding gown from our store. Maria get to know about our Wedding Gown Online Store upon doing a Google search.

She visited our store with her fiancé. However as it is in European customs that the groom-to-be is not allowed to view the wedding gown before that very day, Maria is left in our good hands.

Maria shared with us that buying a wedding gown in Moscow is exceptionally expensive and that made her does quite a bit of homework online before she locate us. She had also commented that our online platform is so easy  for her to navigate as compared to the other online platform that she visited. She also finds that our website is user friendly for her to go through the list of her desired wedding gowns. She had shortlisted five of these wedding gowns and this made Maria come well prepared for her fitting as time is an essence for her visit to Singapore.

Of the wedding gowns that Maria shortlisted, they vary from puffy wedding gowns to A-line wedding gown with train. Our in-store expert assisted Maria to fit into her shortlisted gowns and Maria manage to try on the wedding gowns one-by-one at the privacy of her own time.

Maria carefully tried her first and most preferred choice of modern yet sleek wedding gown design. After which she compared to the second and third of her choice. As she went along, our in-store expert assisted Maria in siphoning the wedding gowns after understanding how Maria’s wedding will be conducted throughout the day. Our expert also take into consideration Maria’s wedding venue before we proposed the most suitable gown for Maria.

Maria will be having a photo shooting right after her morning solemnisation in Moscow City, after which she will proceed to her wedding reception in the evening. Taking this into account, we had recommended her for this modern looking Puffy Heart Shape Wedding Gown which enhances her bustline and makes her look slimmer in body shape.

This wedding gown is elegantly hand-sewn with top quality bead works. The modern cut design will bring out Maria’s outlook for her photo shooting in Moscow as the puffiness of this wedding gown enhances the wedding photos with added detail on the gown rather than a plain white wedding gown.

Maria acceded to our advice and she purchased this piece of wedding gown with full matching accessories!

You may visit our site at www.cupidogowns.com or email us at info@cupidogowns.com if you have any inquiry.

WG0062-1 Puffy Heart Line Wedding Gown


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