Heart Shape Slim Fit ROM Gown

Miriam visited our store two days ago to source for a ROM Dress for her solemnisation and ceremonial dinner next month in Singapore. She has kept her options open to either a long white ROM Dress or a short gown.

Miriam started shortlisting four different long ROM Dress from our vast collection of about 500 dresses. She then proceeds to try them on and further rank them based on her preference. Of the dresses, she chose two of them. She had also browsed through our Short Gown collection and identified one of the Short ROM Dress that she had seen from our online platform – www.cupidogowns.com.

To her surprise, Miriam immediately like the Short ROM Dress decorated with beautiful rose flower with vast design and great detail. Miriam also like this mini skirt gown as it gives an impression of a longer pair of slender looking legs. The slender legs together with her petite body makes Miriam a happy and a gorgeous bride.

Who would not want to be as beautiful as Miriam? To achieve this, check out our vast collection of dress and make a purchase from us now!

You may view our online catalogue at www.cupidogowns.com or email us at info@cupidogowns.com for more details.

Heart Shaped Slim Fit ROM Gown


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