Unique Chain Neckline Wedding Gown

Back in 2011, we have Marge Irish Yap whom visited our store after locating us online at our website http://www.cupidogowns.com . Marge was working in Singapore and she was then pre-planning to buy her wedding gown for her nuptial in Philippines that was to be held in 2012.

We still remember the day when she was visiting at our store, she had asked for this particular Unique Chain Neckline Wedding Gown that we had coded as WG0061. As her culture doesn’t permit her to put on the wedding gown until that very day, Marge had carefully examine the details of this particular wedding gown.

We would proudly say that this particular wedding gown is special with its unique chain that goes around the neck and flowing down to the bust. It was machine tailored with multiple layers of tulle to keep the puffiness of the gown, topping with many layers of quality organza to create the dreamy feeling.

The top of this wedding gown is being complimented with quality bead works that gives the necessary glow to the Bride be it she is wearing it outdoor, indoor at the church or under the spotlight in a ballroom.  Marge has agreed with us that there was none other than this gown for her big day.

With that, we had just based on physical measurement of her bust and waistline and proceeded to alter this wedding gown to the measurement. This method of measuring is slightly different from our usual of having the Bride put on the wedding gown to measure and Tada …. she look so terrific on this gown and we at Cupido Gowns and Dresses are so happy to receive her wedding photos. Personally, I almost tear seeing these beautiful photos of Marge and there you go, presenting wedding photos of Marge wearing our beautiful wedding gown.

WG0061 (2) - Customer's Actual Photo

WG0061 (5) - Customer's Actual Photo

And Marge has sent these photos with a review of us. Below is what she has to say:

This is Marge Yap, I don’t know if you still remember me. I am your past client way back 2011 who bought a wedding gown from your shop. Please see attachments of my wedding photos last May 20,2012. I apologized for sending this late. But, I want you to know that they really like my gown and they’ve love it. I don’t regret of choosing that gown. It’s very unique and I look like cinderella. Hope you like it too!

Definitely we like it! Congratulations to you!


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