Choosing the Right Bridal Bouquet to match Your Wedding Gown

The tradition of tosing the bridal bouquet was adopted from an earlier custom where the newly-wed bride threw her left wedding shoe over her shoulder to indicate her new status and the departure from her old life; the one that caught the wedding shoe would be the next to marry! It is thought that the bridal bouquet replaced the shoe as it is much more convenient for the bride, rather than hobbling about for the rest of the day.

Flowers can stimulate all the senses for they can inspire emotion of passion, love, flamboyance, style and drama. So remember, your flowers do a lot more than simply become your bouquet. They represent your individuality and style and most importantly, it speak volumes about your personality.

It is always best to have chosen your dream wedding gown before selecting your bridal bouquet. Getting the right shape and colour of the bouquet would definitely bring out the best in you wearing the wedding gown. Hence, choosing the right bouquet is as important as choosing your dream wedding gown.

There are no taboos with flowers. Think of fragrance, colour and what you will be wearing. Think of your bouquet as an accessory that will complete your look on your wedding day. It must accentuate your gown and theme of the wedding without drowning out key details on your wedding gown or your body. To help our Brides on this, we at are going to outline some helpful tips to make choosing the right bouquet for you, easy and fun.

There are several styles of bouquet that you can choose from and each style can compliment different gown shapes. We shall first talk about the available bouquet styles follow by matching these styles to the wedding gown shapes.


Shower or Cascade : A bouquet that falls forward in a cascade. The idea with this bouquet is to elongate your silhouette and continue the line of your wedding gown. Very traditional but can be very dramatic if done properly. How about adding honeysuckle or jasmine? Or for a truly contemporary look, the exotic orchid?

The Arm Bouquet : A bouquet that is loosely held on one arm and is the modern way of carrying flowers. Tall, elegant flowers with a clean cut look need to be used, such as calla or lilies or tulips. Very modish.

The Wired Bouquet : A bouquet where the stems are individually wired into shape and the flowers have a less structured, more flowing look. Useful if you want to use lots of different flowers and greenery. This style can be used as a platform for alternative textures such as shells, feathers or twists of material.

The Teardrop : A contemporary shape that still encompasses an aspect of the traditional shower. Works well with deep colours as the shape is thus picked out easily against a light coloured gown.

Hand Tied Bouquet : Probably the most widely used method nowadays as it is highly adaptable and suits a range of dress styles. Don’t be afraid to work with other materials. How about adding some tassels to your bouquet? Or circling it with tulle or organza? The tulle can also be used over the top of the bouquet and pinned at certain points. You could also incorporate feathers or shells as with the wired bouquet. It can look very chic if different colours and types of flowers are used in very tight concentric circles.

Pomander : A tightly constructed bouquet in a 3D shape (such as a globe or a heart), usually carried on the end of a rope or ribbon. Good if you want something really different and can be very effective again is using deep colours. Good for a range of wedding gown styles.

The Posy or Nosegay : Simple and yet stylish. A bunch of lily of the valley or grape hyacinths would be very effective. A dramatic colour especially works well.

Different and Stylish : For a dramatic but simple bouquet, have a skilled florist fashion one very large flower using many blossoms (such as rose petals) to construct a stunning oversized rose bloom, twelve or fourteen inches in diameter.


Straight Dress : If your wedding gown has a straight silhouette the following bouquets should be considered; Shower or Cascade, Arm Bouquet.

Full Dress : If your wedding gown is full and romantic, it is important to accentuate the flow and curves of the body and elongate the shape. Try Wired Bouquet or Teardrop.

Princess Line / A-Line : Your wedding gown may have an empire waist or princess line which flows beautifully away from the body. Try Hand Tied.

Informal or Contemporary Outfit : You may have chosen to wear a suit or a less structured dress. It is really important to give a special finish to your outfit with some of the styles of bouquets listed above. Alternatively why not consider contemporary looks such as Pomander, The Posy or Nosegay, Different and Stylish.

Choosing a perfect bridal bouquet to match your dream wedding gown, there are of course the cost factor that the Bride should take into consideration. For example, a more complicated bridal bouquet would definitely command a higher price by the florist for it requires more of their time. Also, flowers that are seasonal and not usually available in Singapore would also add to the price.

We shall not dwelt too much into the cost consideration here for the Bride shall budget for how much she would want to spend for her big day!

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Bridal Bouquet

(Photo taken from theolive3 website)

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