Classy Long Train Wedding Gown

At Cupido Gowns, we always remember every single clients whom had visited us regardless of how long ago their visits were and this is a no exception for Joanne Caminero. Her visit to our showroom back in end July this year was truly a short one and within 30 minutes, she made payment to reserve her dream Wedding Gown that was published in our Sale section then at this link:

Joanne has immediately fall in love with this wedding gown the moment she saw it published on our website showing the photos of our actual gown here:

She likes the super long wedding train together with intricate bead work details being hand-sewn on the bodice of the gown. Like Marge, the bride whom we had talked about earlier, Joanne also could not try on the wedding gown until that Big Day of hers in September 2013. She entrusted her body measurements to our in-store expert and confidently, she collected this classy long train wedding gown 2 weeks later. Curious to find out if the wedding gown fits Joanne and would you wonder how Joanne turn out to be on her wedding day? Check out the photo below that Joanne sent us and see what she has to say too.

WG0096 (1) - Customer's Actual Photo

Sorry to update you so late, here are some of my wedding photos with the gown I so loved. The gown so simply amazing! Thanks to you! – Joanne Caminero (email on 18 September 2013)


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