Chinese Tea Ceremony Qun Kua

Last week, we have Wendy Low flying all the way from Hong Kong to procure our Chinese Tea Ceremony Qun Kua for her niece in the United States. Wendy is a Singaporean but living in Hong Kong due to family commitment. Her niece whom is based in the States had not been able to procure any of these Qun Kua in a western country for her upcoming wedding and hence, she resorted to Wendy whom is living in Hong Kong.

On first count, Wendy had shared with us that she had visited a few of the famous Qun Kua provider in Hong Kong. The price for a silk Qun Kua that Wendy was quoted is exorbitant and it is as high as S$6,000 equivalent. Knowing that her niece would only wear the Qun Kua for a mere few hours, they both refuse to spend that high price.

As Wendy had planned a trip back to Singapore this month and being given a responsibility to procure the Qun Kua, Wendy took the initiative to do a google search for a Qun Kua in Singapore. She landed on our website at and immediately, she wrote us an email to book for an appointment.

Prior to visiting us, Wendy had shown her niece our website with our Qun Kua collection via this link at : . With the bigger picture published on our website, her niece managed to carefully examine the details and bead works for each of our Qun Kua design.

Wendy’s niece selected the Gold and Silver Embroidery Qun Kua for its dual colour intricate weaving and simple bead works. With the body measurements given, our in-store expert assisted Wendy with the sizing and Wendy managed to purchase this piece of Qun Kua at a fraction of what she was quoted in Hong Kong.

WG0065-1 Gold & Silver Hand Embroidery Qun Kua

Wendy is happy with her purchase as the price of our Brand New Qun Kua is within her budget and quality on the material that we use is not compromised. Want to be happy shopping for your Chinese Tea Ceremony Qun Kua like what Wendy does? Look no further and shop with Cupido Gowns right away!



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