How to Choose an Evening Gown

Many times we were posted with this question of How to Choose an Evening Gown.  Before you decide on an Evening Gown, always ask yourself this very first question: What kind of event I am going to attend? Why is this so important that it has to be the first question of all. This will ensure that you will not be over-dressed for a casual lunch or under-dressed for a formal event.

If you are going to wear the Evening Gown for your wedding banquet, you would need a piece that is extravagant. And so, how do you find that piece? In the olden days, Brides are usually seen wearing full coloured ball gown for the evening banquet. The gowns then were usually fully beaded. Modern times, Brides deemed these type of evening gowns being too vintage to march in to the wedding hall.

At Cupido Gowns, our in-store experts would recommend an evening gown that is flowy on the outlook and adequately beaded. The flowy look will add a touch of feminine when Brides march in to the wedding hall, whilst the glitter from the bead works of the Evening Gown adds to the overall elegance. Hence, Brides will not look like a Plain Jane and will definitely stand out from the crowd.

And if you are attending a mere wedding banquet, you may do away with less bead works on the Evening Gown to ensure that you do not steal away the Bride’s limelight. Some may even ask us, what if I am attending a Black Tie Event and do you have Black Evening Gowns to offer? We always share with our clients that a Black Tie Event does not mean that you must wear Black Evening Gown.

At Cupido Gowns, we always believe that only Plain Jane wears Black. As all ladies love to doll themselves and since you will be getting an Evening Gown anyway, why do with a colour that you will blend in with other guests? Be confident and go for coloured Evening Gowns that will bring out the best in you and that’s what we would forever advise our clients.

Do check our Evening Gown Collection via this link: Our Evening Gowns are available for Brand New Rental or Purchase. They are all physically available at our showroom and do call us to make a viewing appointment.

LD0283-1 Elegant Necklace Evening Gown

Take a guess for this piece of Elegant Necklace Evening Gown is most suited for what kind of event? Check the link via the photo to see other details of the gown.


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