Budget for Quality Wedding Gowns

Often times, our clients shared with us that prices of wedding gowns are extremely expensive in Singapore until they found us at Cupido Gowns. Especially so if the gowns are from bridal shops.

Have you asked why these bridal shops are renting wedding gowns at superficial prices? Most instances, wedding gowns at these bridal shops are priced to include operating costs like shop front rental space, manpower costs, utility charges and other cost of operating the shop front. Yet, most of these bridal shops do not entertain a mere rental of wedding gowns.

These bridal shops usually run roadshows around Singapore city for couples to sign up wedding photography packages with them. Couples whom ignored their groundwork for shortcuts and those whom look for one stop service would usually signed up for the wedding packages with these providers, only to their disappointment later.

Some of our clients whom had paid a couple of thousands for the wedding package, had shared with us that they could not find a wedding gown during the selection process. And why is that so? These are mainly due to the “better looking” wedding gowns have been classified  under the premium racks and to choose from this category, Brides are required to top up at least another thousand dollars to be able to enjoy their desired wedding gown.

Why not avoid all these hurdles in your hunting of a dream wedding gown with an Online Gown Shop like us? At Cupido Gowns, we provide equal and sometimes beyond the quality of what bridal shops have to offer. We bring in top quality wedding gowns at a fraction price of these bridal shops’. Our price has been discounted with the cost of shop front rental space, salesman costs and other operating costs of a shop front. Best of all, our price includes alteration charges and dry-cleaning (for rental only) which may cost a bomb to Brides.

As our wedding gowns are price according to the material and bead works of the gown, Brides shall rest assured with a fair price for what you are choosing. So don’t wait any further to shop with us now at our website here: http://www.cupidogowns.com/

Sharing with you one of our most liked wedding gown and also being one of our most expensive one (note that price is still very much below the bridal shops out there):

WG0103-1 Satin Beaded Wedding Gown





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