Evening Dress Vs. Dinner Dress

As we have classified our coloured long gowns into Evening Dress and Dinner Dress Categories as published on our website at http://www.cupidogowns.com/, we are going to talk about the fundamental difference in determining our categorization. To ease the shopping experience of our clients, this article will assist to determine what kind of event is suitable for an evening dress and likewise, for a dinner dress.

Evening Dress

If you have browsed through our evening dress collection, you will notice that most of these evening dresses are heavily beaded, more classy on its outlook and some even comes with a train. Thus, an evening dress is very much suitable if you are a Bride needing a coloured gown for your second march in during your wedding dinner banquet.

Having said that, Evening Dress is not constrain to just for Brides. If you are contesting for pageants or you are attending a gala dinner, an evening dress will be an appropriate choice to bring out more elegance in your look.

LD0279-1 Silky Red Evening GownA Classy Red Evening Dress with adequate bead works to accentuate the elegance of the dress (click the photo for more details from our website)

Dinner Dress

Coming back to Dinner Dress, these are more down-to-earth dress that you can wear for just any occasion like attending a wedding dinner of a friend or relative. These dinner dresses are more simple in terms of design and less bead works. Yet, with appropriate dress accessories to match, a dinner dress can also be an elegant piece to wear.

For instance, some of our clients asked; I am a mother-of-bride and my daughter’s wedding dinner banquet is going to be held at a grand ballroom in Singapore. In this situation, Cupido Gowns advise you to wear an Evening Dress as it is good for hosts to dress up a little more so that they won’t blend in with their other guests.

LD0302-1 Elegant Trumpet Dinner GownA trumpet Dinner Dress is good for just any occasion whether it is a lunch or dinner event (click the photo for more details from our website)

Do talk to our in-house experts to assist you in determining an appropriate attire for your event. You may also check our Evening Dress collection via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/evening-dress/ and our Dinner Dress collection via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/dinner-dress/


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