Choosing the Right Colour for your Evening Gown

As an extension of our earlier post of How to Choose an Evening Gown, we are going to talk about choosing the colour for your Evening Gown. Again, the first deciding factor will be whether you are hosting an event, such as you are going to be the Bride or you are just merely attending an event like a wedding.

When choosing your evening gown, dare to go for striking colours if you are the host of an event as striking colours will make you stand out from your guests. Colours like red, yellow, fuchsia, orange or peach are good colours to brighten yourself up. Cupido Gowns also call them “happy” colours to wear for a formal event. Some of our clients also find that wearing these evening gown colours will bring more confidence to themselves.

When you have determined the event that you are attending with the colours short-list, next check if these colours suit your skin tone. Bear in mind that each colour of an evening gown comes in different tones. For example, if you are short-listing a yellow evening gown, make sure the tone of the yellow is the right one for your skin colour. If you lean towards a darker skin tone, a deep yellow evening gown might not be suitable, yet it will further darkens your entire outlook. Nevertheless, this does not conclude that any yellow tone is not suitable for you. Try a soft yellow that will give you a more youthful look.

LD0255-1 Classy Evening GownClassy Beads Evening Gown with a soft yellow tone (click the photo for more details)

Being the leading Evening Gown Rental shop in Singapore, Cupido Gowns have various colours and unique designs of Evening Gowns that you can look forward to. All designs come in only one piece. So do visit us to check with our in-store experts for advice on matching suitable colours before deciding on your evening gown. Prior to that you may also check our full collection of evening gowns from our website at


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