Purchasing an Evening Gown Online

With the advent of technology in this era, online shopping had never been easier with just anything that you can name, all within your fingertips. Be cautious! Not everything that you can just shop online without looking at the actual product especially special occasion wear like an evening gown.

Cupido Gowns constantly has clients whom had shared with us their dismay in online shopping for their evening gowns. Most times, they get to shop at their convenience from home simply by browsing the online photos, reading the material specifications, providing their body measurements and made payment. Then the waiting time takes within 2 to 4 months before it was delivered to their home.

Although these group of clients were enjoying the convenience of shopping from home, when they received the package and tried on the evening gowns, they usually find it a disappointment. And so, they still have to visit our shop and pay another cost to get another evening gown.

Why a disappointment? Most online gowns shop in Singapore posted evening gown photos from famous designers by quoting that they can produce the same designer evening gown with probably just a 5% difference from the photo shown. And many times shoppers are not aware that this 5% is the great difference that will damage the entire outlook of an evening gown.

Cupido Gowns believe that no other person can make an evening gown that will turn out to be the same as the original designer. Unlike fashion apparels, whether an evening gown can pull off to be an elegant piece relies heavily on the grading of material used for an evening gown and the bead works quality. A slight disparity even in the grade of materials used will change the deemed 5% difference to become a total damage on the evening gown.

Furthermore, most shoppers are not expert in taking their own body measurements. Hence, when the ordered evening gown was received, it is common that the evening gown is either too large or too small to fit at all. And when the evening gown had to be sent for further alteration in Singapore, it will incur another heavy expense as alteration for formal wear here is extremely costly.

We still remember that back in year 2011, we have Rachel whom had ordered a size 10 evening gown from another online gown shop by merely looking at the photo only. She waited close to 4 months and when she received the package, the evening gown was a smaller than size 6. Rachel had then paid a good S$400 which she could not get a refund, neither can it be altered. Moreover, she had to pay an additional cost to get another piece of gown from us for her wedding.

Therefore, to avoid disappointment and a heavy burden on your pocket, it is good to shop with ready-on-the-rack evening gowns. However, make sure that these ready made evening gowns are using only top quality materials.

LD0192-1 Heart Shaped Evening GownOnly evening gown made of quality material will be pulled off elegantly (click the photo for more details from our website)

So why not shop with a reliable Evening Gown Rental store like us at Cupido Gowns? We have all the brand new evening gowns that are physically available at our showroom. Viewing is by appointment only and meanwhile you may check our full collection from our website via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/


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