Destination Wedding Photography

With more women joining the corporate world and thus, the improved financial capabilities, it has become more common these days for wedding couples to do their pre-wedding photography overseas. This is what we called destination wedding photography.

Destination wedding photography is very common among the Chinese in Asian countries. It has been the practised culture that wedding couples will have their pre-wedding photo shoots done before the wedding day and thereafter, sharing these photo albums with their guests at the banquet on the wedding day itself.

So what would these wedding couples need to prepare themselves for the destination wedding photography?

Most importantly the first and foremost is to ascertain the destination that the wedding couples are going to photo shoot. It can be the country that they have first met or the country where these couples completed their final year study, a destination that call for sweet memories of the wedding couples.

They would then need to source for a photographer, either locally from Singapore or at their choice destination itself. Wedding couples should consider the cost before deciding where to engage their preferred photographer.

Upon engaging the photographer, wedding couples should discuss the photo-shooting location with the photographer as the selected venues would require appropriate wedding gowns. We would talk about how to choose the appropriate wedding gowns in our next blog post for the destination wedding photography. So stay tune with us.

Cupido Gowns and Dresses(Photo from our client, Lisette, whom had bought her wedding gown from our website at


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