Bolero to match your Dream Wedding Gown

Many times we have been approached by our Brides telling us that they are walking the aisle of Churches and they could not be wearing a Wedding Gown that reveals too much of their skin. So what will be our recommendation, they asked.

Having a completely covered up Wedding Gown, we felt that it is too mature for any Bride’s outlook as the completely covered up Wedding Gown carries a little of vintage element. Unless Brides are having a Vintage Wedding Theme, we would otherwise recommend Brides to either wearing detachable sleeves or having a matching bolero.

Cupidogowns.wordpress - Bolero 1We have Mileen wearing our Wedding Gown with a lovely matching Bolero which she loves so much, preparing to walk the aisle.

The best part to wearing a Bolero with your Dream Wedding Gown is of course its advantage of having the necessary cover when Brides walk the aisle at the church. Its next best feature is, a Bolero plays an important part in creating 2 different styles for Brides i.e. One that covers the Bride when she needs cover at the Church and Second, it being removable, will let the Brides showcase their Dream Wedding Gown at the Reception.

</p>Mileen enjoying their wonderful wedding moment without wearing the Bolero at her Reception after their church ceremony.

With the flexibility of wearing or removing the Bolero on need basis, Brides are open to a wider choice in choosing their Dream Wedding Gown for they will not be restricted to only those that have attached sleeves where these designs could be too vintage to wear for modern days now.

Do speak to our in-store experts to finding your most loved Dream Wedding Gown and Do contact us via this link: to book a viewing appointment with us.

The Photos are complimentary from Mileen and Erwin and we have got their review over Facebook. Read on to see what they have to say:

“We received a lot of compliments from my husband’s suit and my gown, especially the bolero which everyone loved. Thank you so much for helping us with all respects and needs.”


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