Wedding Packages

Many of our clients came to ask for Wedding Packages for their planned Photoshoot and also for their upcoming Wedding Day. And we always gracefully rejected the idea of having Wedding Packages. Why so? Read on to find out more.

 Cupidogowns Say No to Wedding PackagesCupido Gowns do not encourage Wedding Packages

What is being offered in the market as Wedding Packages by bridal shops usually include wedding photography, gowns and suits for the couple and eventually, the photo album. These packages often times look very attractive when it is first promoted at roadshows or bridal fair.

However, we have to caution couples whom are going for these “Too Good To Be True” wedding packages as we have met with too many couples whom regretted their decision eventually when the actual package is activated.

When couples signed up for the wedding packages at these bridal roadshows, they were shown the most beautiful wedding albums where the brides (especially) wore elegant, beautiful wedding gowns and some  other evening gowns.

Most times, these packages come with hidden agenda. Eventually when these wedding packages were signed, money been paid for and when the time comes to activate the package during the process of choosing the gowns, it is totally a different story.

Usually during these bridal fairs, couples are being convinced to sign a basic package that usually cost $3,000 to lock them in. And thus, when time comes for Brides to choose their preferred gowns, many times they were restricted to a selected rack of gowns based on the basic package signed upon and of which the gowns available are not as impressive. Couples will then be offered premium rack gowns that would require additional top up payment.

On top of that, with the advent of improved technologies, it is a dismal for couples when not all of the digital photos were given to them. They are usually restricted to only about 30 copies in digital form. When couples request for all the other digital photos, they are again required to top up a substantial payment.

Having said that, we advise couples to go the extra mile to choose your preferred ala carte wedding photographer and wedding gowns provider as it would definitely prove worthwhile. Couples will get to have all the digital photos and choose the definite quality wedding gowns with no disappointment when it is done ala carte.

For friends out there whom are doing ala carte, don’t forget to visit our website at to choose your dream wedding gown.


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