Say No to Wedding Packages Again

Following through our earlier post on why we say No to Wedding Packages, we are here to say No to Wedding Packages again with the many recent close down of Bridal Shops like Calla Bridal earlier this year and Sophia Wedding Collection just this month.

Cupidogowns Say No to Wedding Packages       Cupido Gowns advise to be cautious when choosing Bridal Shops

With the recent global economy crisis, smaller retailers are starting to slowly closing down and moved out of the store. This is visible at the nearest shopping mall, Jurong Point that is the biggest mall at Boon Lay and having a heavy shoppers traffic. When these retailers moved out, shoppers get to enjoy heavily discounted items that the retailers would want to clear away. This way, shoppers are at the advantage of enjoying discounted goods.

However, when couples shop with Bridal Shops to provide their Wedding essentials, the last thing they want to happen is the closing down of the Bridal Shops that they have signed their wedding packages with.

The recent closure of Sophia Wedding Collection has left 73 couples stranded when it suddenly closed on the 10th October i.e. last Saturday, and the owner remained uncontactable as reported by Channel News Asia. Among the affected couples, some have signed and paid for wedding packages that ranges from S$3,688 to as high at S$7,000. Assuming an average amount paid by each couple of S$5,000, the bosses of Sophia Wedding Collection could have been absconded with a total of S$365,000.

To prevent such circumstances from happening to You, Cupido Gowns advise wedding couples to exercise caution when signing up wedding packages if they really need one, otherwise it will be good to go ala carte.

Cupido Gowns provides Quality Wedding Gowns and Men’s Suits at budget price. Do check out our collection from our website at

P/S: Our price starts from Only S$300 to S$600 and we definitely will not abscond with such low value of money. Nevertheless, our clients claim that the quality of our gowns are way beyond what the Bridal Shops are offering.


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