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Evening Gowns for Muslims

You are a Muslim and needed an evening gown to attend a Gala Dinner Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. But you could not find Evening Gowns that are elegant yet with long sleeves available in the market. What should you do?

We have been approached by many Muslim clients and finding elegant Evening Gowns that are suitable for them as Muslims is indeed a common problem. Out there in the market, most evening gowns does not come with sleeves cover up. Evening Gowns available off the rack are either sleeveless or a bustier design like this:

LD0350-1 Glittering Tube Evening DressOur New Arrival of Bustier Evening Gown available for purchase or rental. Check this Glittering Tube Evening Dress from our shop.

Back in Year 2011, Fiza approached us with the same difficulty of finding an Evening Gown for Muslims. She had spent few months shopping around town in Singapore to find the Gown but to no avail. Until she came to us, our in-store expert helped solved her problem and She wore this selected Evening Gown to the Gala Dinner.

LD0089 (2) Customer's Actual PhotoFiza wearing our Evening Gown paired with a turtle neck long sleeves shirt.

Although Fiza had finally selected a sleeveless Evening Gown, we have had advised her to pair it with a long sleeves turtle neck shirt and it turn out that she looks extremely gorgeous, won’t you agree?

So to our Muslim Friends out there, wait no more to contact us for an appointment to view our collection. Our friendly in-store experts will assist you in all way that we can.


Evening Gowns for Chinese Wedding Banquet in Singapore

Many of our clients always asked us how many pieces of Evening Gowns that they should be wearing for their wedding dinner banquet in Singapore.

In Singapore, the Chinese wedding customary day is always a long day for the wedding couples. The groom would usually do his rounds of gate crashing to fetch the Bride in the early hours. Then the tea ceremony with a slight break in the afternoon for the couple before they proceed to their wedding dinner banquet. The banquet is usually held either at a Chinese restaurant or at a hotel ballroom, serving a nine course meal.

At the banquet, the Bride will do her first march in with a white wedding gown to greet the guests. Towards the third course of the meal, the Bride will change into a coloured and elegant evening gown for a second march in. This will be the evening gown that the Bride wears to toast to the guests.

After the second march in and the toast, some Brides choose to change into a second evening gown that is less elaborate, to mingle around with their guests. This change is good as the Bride will find more variety when their photographer takes pictures of them.

Finally towards the end of the wedding banquet, Bride would change to a simple long evening gown when they greet their guests goodbye.

From the sequence of events, usually a Bride would need at least 3 evening gowns just for the wedding banquet. However, modern times now, there is no hard and fast rules on the number. Some Brides prefer photo varieties on account that they have already paid a photographer, so these Brides go for 3 or more evening gowns. There are also a minority group whom prefers to stick with only one throughout the night.

LD0313-1 Layered Mermaid Evening GownThis Layered Mermaid Evening Gown is good for second march in (click the photo for more details)

Cupido Gowns recommends at least two evening gowns where the Bride  first march in with a white wedding gown, then a second march in with an elegant and more elaborate evening gown, follow by a changeover to a simple evening gown to greet the guests goodbye. This order will not exhaust the Bride too much from the changeover yet the variety is adequate for photographs.

If you are in the midst of your wedding planning, do pay us a visit and talk to our in-store experts on how best to fit the evening gowns to your event. We are pioneer being an Evening Gown Rental store in Singapore with all physical dresses available at our showroom. Meanwhile, do check our full collection published in our website via this link: