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Evening Gowns for Muslims

You are a Muslim and needed an evening gown to attend a Gala Dinner Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. But you could not find Evening Gowns that are elegant yet with long sleeves available in the market. What should you do?

We have been approached by many Muslim clients and finding elegant Evening Gowns that are suitable for them as Muslims is indeed a common problem. Out there in the market, most evening gowns does not come with sleeves cover up. Evening Gowns available off the rack are either sleeveless or a bustier design like this:

LD0350-1 Glittering Tube Evening DressOur New Arrival of Bustier Evening Gown available for purchase or rental. Check this Glittering Tube Evening Dress from our shop.

Back in Year 2011, Fiza approached us with the same difficulty of finding an Evening Gown for Muslims. She had spent few months shopping around town in Singapore to find the Gown but to no avail. Until she came to us, our in-store expert helped solved her problem and She wore this selected Evening Gown to the Gala Dinner.

LD0089 (2) Customer's Actual PhotoFiza wearing our Evening Gown paired with a turtle neck long sleeves shirt.

Although Fiza had finally selected a sleeveless Evening Gown, we have had advised her to pair it with a long sleeves turtle neck shirt and it turn out that she looks extremely gorgeous, won’t you agree?

So to our Muslim Friends out there, wait no more to contact us for an appointment to view our collection. Our friendly in-store experts will assist you in all way that we can.


Evening Dress Vs. Dinner Dress

As we have classified our coloured long gowns into Evening Dress and Dinner Dress Categories as published on our website at, we are going to talk about the fundamental difference in determining our categorization. To ease the shopping experience of our clients, this article will assist to determine what kind of event is suitable for an evening dress and likewise, for a dinner dress.

Evening Dress

If you have browsed through our evening dress collection, you will notice that most of these evening dresses are heavily beaded, more classy on its outlook and some even comes with a train. Thus, an evening dress is very much suitable if you are a Bride needing a coloured gown for your second march in during your wedding dinner banquet.

Having said that, Evening Dress is not constrain to just for Brides. If you are contesting for pageants or you are attending a gala dinner, an evening dress will be an appropriate choice to bring out more elegance in your look.

LD0279-1 Silky Red Evening GownA Classy Red Evening Dress with adequate bead works to accentuate the elegance of the dress (click the photo for more details from our website)

Dinner Dress

Coming back to Dinner Dress, these are more down-to-earth dress that you can wear for just any occasion like attending a wedding dinner of a friend or relative. These dinner dresses are more simple in terms of design and less bead works. Yet, with appropriate dress accessories to match, a dinner dress can also be an elegant piece to wear.

For instance, some of our clients asked; I am a mother-of-bride and my daughter’s wedding dinner banquet is going to be held at a grand ballroom in Singapore. In this situation, Cupido Gowns advise you to wear an Evening Dress as it is good for hosts to dress up a little more so that they won’t blend in with their other guests.

LD0302-1 Elegant Trumpet Dinner GownA trumpet Dinner Dress is good for just any occasion whether it is a lunch or dinner event (click the photo for more details from our website)

Do talk to our in-house experts to assist you in determining an appropriate attire for your event. You may also check our Evening Dress collection via this link: and our Dinner Dress collection via this link:

How to Choose an Evening Gown

Many times we were posted with this question of How to Choose an Evening Gown.  Before you decide on an Evening Gown, always ask yourself this very first question: What kind of event I am going to attend? Why is this so important that it has to be the first question of all. This will ensure that you will not be over-dressed for a casual lunch or under-dressed for a formal event.

If you are going to wear the Evening Gown for your wedding banquet, you would need a piece that is extravagant. And so, how do you find that piece? In the olden days, Brides are usually seen wearing full coloured ball gown for the evening banquet. The gowns then were usually fully beaded. Modern times, Brides deemed these type of evening gowns being too vintage to march in to the wedding hall.

At Cupido Gowns, our in-store experts would recommend an evening gown that is flowy on the outlook and adequately beaded. The flowy look will add a touch of feminine when Brides march in to the wedding hall, whilst the glitter from the bead works of the Evening Gown adds to the overall elegance. Hence, Brides will not look like a Plain Jane and will definitely stand out from the crowd.

And if you are attending a mere wedding banquet, you may do away with less bead works on the Evening Gown to ensure that you do not steal away the Bride’s limelight. Some may even ask us, what if I am attending a Black Tie Event and do you have Black Evening Gowns to offer? We always share with our clients that a Black Tie Event does not mean that you must wear Black Evening Gown.

At Cupido Gowns, we always believe that only Plain Jane wears Black. As all ladies love to doll themselves and since you will be getting an Evening Gown anyway, why do with a colour that you will blend in with other guests? Be confident and go for coloured Evening Gowns that will bring out the best in you and that’s what we would forever advise our clients.

Do check our Evening Gown Collection via this link: Our Evening Gowns are available for Brand New Rental or Purchase. They are all physically available at our showroom and do call us to make a viewing appointment.

LD0283-1 Elegant Necklace Evening Gown

Take a guess for this piece of Elegant Necklace Evening Gown is most suited for what kind of event? Check the link via the photo to see other details of the gown.

Shoulder Strap Empire Evening Dress

Lilian visited our store after having went through the gowns and dresses that were being offered at the shopping malls. Before she visited us, she had shopped around for several weeks and there weren’t much time left to find the right gown for her to attend her god daughter’s wedding in Philippines.

Being given a theme colour of ivory white, finding a suitable evening dress that will not steal the bride’s limelight is not an easy task. Thus, after seeing our online Evening Dress collection, Lilian came to us for help.

When Lilian shortlisted the evening dresses from our racks, her utmost criteria was to find a dress that will shelter her seemingly large arms. Our in-store experts proceed to quickly choose a few designs from tube gowns, toga dresses to shoulder straps evening dress for Lilian to try on. And they all look good on her!

Lilian commented that she can easily shortlist three evening dresses that she likes at our store, which she does not get to enjoy elsewhere.

After understanding Lilian’s needs, our in-store expert analyse the three evening dresses based on her preference and helped her shortlist the desired dress for the occasion. Lilian is very happy with the shoulder strap evening dress that comes with a flowy train to bring out the feminine side of Lilian.

So shop with us now with great success without wasting your valuable time

Contact us now!

LD0336-1 Shoulder Strap Empire ROM Gown-horz