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Wearing a Can Can with your Dream Wedding Gown. Why Not?

After reserving her Wedding Gown and Evening Dress with us last year for her upcoming wedding in July 2015, Holly came back to us to get hold of some bridal accessories for her trial make up.

As our in-store assistant were asking if she needed a Can Can to go with her Wedding Gown, she immediately said Yes and she shared with us her recent observation when attending a friend’s wedding not long ago.

While enjoying the food at her friend’s Wedding banquet, Holly noticed that her friend was not wearing any Can Can for a puffy Wedding Gown that the Bride was wearing. The situation was a little cumbersome as the Bride was busy taking care of the people around her for not stepping onto her gown.

CupidoGowns - Wedding Gown without Can CanWedding Gown being worn without a Can Can

Over at Cupido Gowns, we always encourage our clients to opt for Can Can with their Wedding Gowns. For many Brides that were being misled by the rumors from friends and relatives and some, to the extent being misled by their gown providers, we have many good reasons to strongly recommend Brides to wear a Can Can with your dream gown.

By wearing a Can Can, the full shape of the Wedding Gown will be brought out, showing intricate details of the wedding gown. The room space created on the inside of the wedding gown allows the Brides to better manage the gown when walking.

WG0133-1 Center Lace Wedding GownLace Wedding Gown with Can Can to bring out the intricate details

As oppose to without wearing a Can Can, the wedding gown will tumble down with the details hidden in between the drapes of the wedding gown. Brides would tend to have the drapes of the wedding gown stuck in between their legs when walking and thus, making managing difficult. Such situation creates clumsiness and Brides would not present the best of themselves at their Wedding Banquet.

To conclude, we always relate the Can Can as the soul of a Wedding Gown and without it, the Wedding Gown would not be presented at its best. Of course, there are many different types of Can Can to match different cuts of Wedding Gowns. Brides shall choose the appropriate Can Can to match their dream wedding gown. If you are not sure, do talk to our in-store experts at Cupido Gowns to choose the right one with our Wedding Gowns.


Qun Kua for a Chinese Wedding on Boat

Two days ago, we came across a photo about Chinese Wedding being held on a Fishing Boat in Tai O, Hong Kong.

Tai O Water Marriage(Photo credit to AllaboutHongKong Facebook Page)

Apparently, there is still this tradition of Water Marriage being held annually in Tai O, Hong Kong with which the Groom will ride on this boat to fetch the Bride to the Groom’s house where the Chinese Tea Ceremony is being held.

For such traditional ceremony, Cupido Gowns can’t agree better for the Bride to wear a traditional costume such as a Tea Ceremony Qun Kua and we would recommend this Gold and Silver Sequin Embroidery Qun Kua.

WG0068-1 Gold & Silver Sequin Thread Embroidery Qun KuaOur preferred Chinese Tea Ceremony Qun Kua (click the photo for more details)

Some of you may asked what is so unique about this piece of Qun Kua that we highly recommend. Cupido Gowns would say that this masterpiece is mainly embroidered with gold threading with a pinch of silver thread has make it look outstanding. Also hand sewn with gold glittering sequins and bead works, this Qun Kua look more traditional, yet modern.

Furthermore, a third party wedding photographer has shared with us that this piece of Qun Kua has the 3D effects especially the view from the side. The 3D effects come from the dragons and phoenix where the sequins being sewn protruding.  Check how true this is by clicking on the photo link above to see more close up photos from our website.

And if you are looking for Qun Kua for your Chinese Tea Ceremony, why not check our full collection from Cupido Gown’s website via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/wedding-gowns/kua/

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