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Evening Gowns for Muslims

You are a Muslim and needed an evening gown to attend a Gala Dinner Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. But you could not find Evening Gowns that are elegant yet with long sleeves available in the market. What should you do?

We have been approached by many Muslim clients and finding elegant Evening Gowns that are suitable for them as Muslims is indeed a common problem. Out there in the market, most evening gowns does not come with sleeves cover up. Evening Gowns available off the rack are either sleeveless or a bustier design like this:

LD0350-1 Glittering Tube Evening DressOur New Arrival of Bustier Evening Gown available for purchase or rental. Check this Glittering Tube Evening Dress from our shop.

Back in Year 2011, Fiza approached us with the same difficulty of finding an Evening Gown for Muslims. She had spent few months shopping around town in Singapore to find the Gown but to no avail. Until she came to us, our in-store expert helped solved her problem and She wore this selected Evening Gown to the Gala Dinner.

LD0089 (2) Customer's Actual PhotoFiza wearing our Evening Gown paired with a turtle neck long sleeves shirt.

Although Fiza had finally selected a sleeveless Evening Gown, we have had advised her to pair it with a long sleeves turtle neck shirt and it turn out that she looks extremely gorgeous, won’t you agree?

So to our Muslim Friends out there, wait no more to contact us for an appointment to view our collection. Our friendly in-store experts will assist you in all way that we can.


Purchasing an Evening Gown Online

With the advent of technology in this era, online shopping had never been easier with just anything that you can name, all within your fingertips. Be cautious! Not everything that you can just shop online without looking at the actual product especially special occasion wear like an evening gown.

Cupido Gowns constantly has clients whom had shared with us their dismay in online shopping for their evening gowns. Most times, they get to shop at their convenience from home simply by browsing the online photos, reading the material specifications, providing their body measurements and made payment. Then the waiting time takes within 2 to 4 months before it was delivered to their home.

Although these group of clients were enjoying the convenience of shopping from home, when they received the package and tried on the evening gowns, they usually find it a disappointment. And so, they still have to visit our shop and pay another cost to get another evening gown.

Why a disappointment? Most online gowns shop in Singapore posted evening gown photos from famous designers by quoting that they can produce the same designer evening gown with probably just a 5% difference from the photo shown. And many times shoppers are not aware that this 5% is the great difference that will damage the entire outlook of an evening gown.

Cupido Gowns believe that no other person can make an evening gown that will turn out to be the same as the original designer. Unlike fashion apparels, whether an evening gown can pull off to be an elegant piece relies heavily on the grading of material used for an evening gown and the bead works quality. A slight disparity even in the grade of materials used will change the deemed 5% difference to become a total damage on the evening gown.

Furthermore, most shoppers are not expert in taking their own body measurements. Hence, when the ordered evening gown was received, it is common that the evening gown is either too large or too small to fit at all. And when the evening gown had to be sent for further alteration in Singapore, it will incur another heavy expense as alteration for formal wear here is extremely costly.

We still remember that back in year 2011, we have Rachel whom had ordered a size 10 evening gown from another online gown shop by merely looking at the photo only. She waited close to 4 months and when she received the package, the evening gown was a smaller than size 6. Rachel had then paid a good S$400 which she could not get a refund, neither can it be altered. Moreover, she had to pay an additional cost to get another piece of gown from us for her wedding.

Therefore, to avoid disappointment and a heavy burden on your pocket, it is good to shop with ready-on-the-rack evening gowns. However, make sure that these ready made evening gowns are using only top quality materials.

LD0192-1 Heart Shaped Evening GownOnly evening gown made of quality material will be pulled off elegantly (click the photo for more details from our website)

So why not shop with a reliable Evening Gown Rental store like us at Cupido Gowns? We have all the brand new evening gowns that are physically available at our showroom. Viewing is by appointment only and meanwhile you may check our full collection from our website via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/

Choosing the Right Colour for your Evening Gown

As an extension of our earlier post of How to Choose an Evening Gown, we are going to talk about choosing the colour for your Evening Gown. Again, the first deciding factor will be whether you are hosting an event, such as you are going to be the Bride or you are just merely attending an event like a wedding.

When choosing your evening gown, dare to go for striking colours if you are the host of an event as striking colours will make you stand out from your guests. Colours like red, yellow, fuchsia, orange or peach are good colours to brighten yourself up. Cupido Gowns also call them “happy” colours to wear for a formal event. Some of our clients also find that wearing these evening gown colours will bring more confidence to themselves.

When you have determined the event that you are attending with the colours short-list, next check if these colours suit your skin tone. Bear in mind that each colour of an evening gown comes in different tones. For example, if you are short-listing a yellow evening gown, make sure the tone of the yellow is the right one for your skin colour. If you lean towards a darker skin tone, a deep yellow evening gown might not be suitable, yet it will further darkens your entire outlook. Nevertheless, this does not conclude that any yellow tone is not suitable for you. Try a soft yellow that will give you a more youthful look.

LD0255-1 Classy Evening GownClassy Beads Evening Gown with a soft yellow tone (click the photo for more details)

Being the leading Evening Gown Rental shop in Singapore, Cupido Gowns have various colours and unique designs of Evening Gowns that you can look forward to. All designs come in only one piece. So do visit us to check with our in-store experts for advice on matching suitable colours before deciding on your evening gown. Prior to that you may also check our full collection of evening gowns from our website at http://www.cupidogowns.com/

The Beginning……

Cupido Gowns and Dresses

Hi all,

Welcome to Cupido Gowns and Dresses, we have been running a gown business for close to four years and had gathered a significant pool of loyal client base.

Through these four years of operation, we have gain valuable experience and had shared many things with our value clients. Many had became close friends to us and had asked us for advices on wedding preparation and dress advices, of which we have sincerely assisted.

Many had gone back with a smile and had continue to return to us as return customers.

Then there come a time when one of them pop us a question ……

“Hay why won’t you guys write or blog about what you guys does best, that is giving advices online to the wide community out there? There are plenty of young community whom are in need of advices for their budget wedding planning on a shoe string and also those who would like to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) their own wedding instead of engaging a wedding planner.”

After discussing among ourselves, we thought this is timely, with our years of bridal experience we are proud to say that we will be able to solve most bridal issues in particular concerning the wedding gown, ROM dress, Evening Dress or Dinner Dress and bridesmaid dress.

Thus this blog was coined out.

In this blog, we will start by introducing who we are and how we actually started. We will also cover the selections of gowns and dresses. Advices on choice of dresses for different occasion will also be covered.

So in order to get more info on any of these, please stay tune to this blog space.

Most important, like our Facebook page to keep abreast of any new dress release.
Do drop by our website to view the vast range of dresses that we have in ready stock.
There are a total of about 500 dress of various designs to choose from, therefore you will not be disappointed.

Here in Cupido Gowns and Dresses, we alter our dress to fit you! And all the alteration prices are included in the price of the dress/suit thus you don’t need to pay extra for it! We provide ONLY high quality dresses which you can get from bridal shop but at half the price. So for those whom like DIYing their weddings, we are definitely going to be of helpful.

So stay tune…….

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