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Will Sport Shoes go well with your ROM Gown?

He is a fan of the famous Jordan shoes and he told us that he has over 300 pairs of shoes under his collection. Some of which are just for collection and showcase, thus not to be worn. And she told us that they are both going to wear the same design of Jordan sport shoes during their solemnisation or ROM, which is what we called it here in Singapore.

Retro-Air-Jordan-11-White-Black-Blue-ShoesOne of the many designs of Jordan Shoes.

A little skeptical whether the Jordan shoes that they mentioned will go well with our ROM Gown, we went on to help Rebecca shortlist some funky designs that we have at our showroom based on our imagination of their Jordan shoes.

Turn out, the outcome is not too bad! Both Rebecca and her husband indeed worn them well with our ROM Gown and his Suit. Check them out here:

Cupidogowns.Wordpress.com - Rebecca 2Rebecca wearing our Wavy Short ROM Gown to match their couple shoes.

When Rebecca put this ROM Gown to try, the moment she walked out of the fitting room, they both agreed that this is The Gown for their Big Day. To have a better showcase of their Jordan shoes, Rebecca had requested to shorten the ROM Gown. To accord to her request, we have shorten it visibly and yet not sacrificing the puffy layering of the gown.

Cupidogowns Customer's Photos - Rebecca 3Up close look of Rebecca wearing our ROM Gown matching her Jordan shoes.

Don’t you agree that Rebecca look really wonderful in these combination? She indeed is.

So Friends out there whom have not procure your ROM Gown, wait no more to check with our in-store experts to find your Dream Gown at our showroom. Do contact us via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/contact-us/ to book a viewing appointment with us.

The Photos’ credit goes to Rebecca for forwarding us their many beautiful photos and she had sent us her likes through whatsapp. This is what she has to say:

“Thank you for making the little dress to our expectation. We love it!”

Cupidogowns.Wordpress.com - Rebecca 3


Colours for ROM Gown

Many of our clients asked, “Must I choose white for my ROM Gown?”

Our answer has always been the same and that is “It Depends”. So, it depends on what many would asked.

In this modern age, there is really no hard and fast rule to follow when choosing your ROM Gown in Singapore. If you are a person to follow the tradition or you have some elderly at home, whom would like you to wear a white gown for your ROM, of course then, we would advise you to pick a white gown.

SD0160-1 Wavy Short ROM GownIf you love this ROM Gown, click on the photo to check its availability at our website. Alternatively, you may click upon this link: Wavy Short ROM Gown

However, if you are open to colour choices, then colours like chili red and lovely peach would be good choices for your ROM Gown. These colours would definitely make you stand out from the crowd especially when you have photographers capturing your happy moments instantly when you least notice them.

SD0176-1 Bubbly Roses Dinner GownThis is the latest arrival at our showroom. If you love this gown, book with us early to avoid disappointment and this is Bubbly Roses Dinner Gown.
SD0174-1 Sweet Peach Dinner GownAnd this is a Sweet Peach Dinner Gown to add another choice for your selection.

Having said that, we don’t mean that wearing a white ROM gown will make you a plain Jane. If you choose to wear white, then choosing the right design will matter most.

If you need advice on choosing the right ROM Gown for your ceremony, we have our in-store experts available at our showroom to assist you. Do contact us via this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/contact-us/ to book a viewing appointment with us.