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Bolero to match your Dream Wedding Gown

Many times we have been approached by our Brides telling us that they are walking the aisle of Churches and they could not be wearing a Wedding Gown that reveals too much of their skin. So what will be our recommendation, they asked.

Having a completely covered up Wedding Gown, we felt that it is too mature for any Bride’s outlook as the completely covered up Wedding Gown carries a little of vintage element. Unless Brides are having a Vintage Wedding Theme, we would otherwise recommend Brides to either wearing detachable sleeves or having a matching bolero.

Cupidogowns.wordpress - Bolero 1We have Mileen wearing our Wedding Gown with a lovely matching Bolero which she loves so much, preparing to walk the aisle.

The best part to wearing a Bolero with your Dream Wedding Gown is of course its advantage of having the necessary cover when Brides walk the aisle at the church. Its next best feature is, a Bolero plays an important part in creating 2 different styles for Brides i.e. One that covers the Bride when she needs cover at the Church and Second, it being removable, will let the Brides showcase their Dream Wedding Gown at the Reception.

</p>Mileen enjoying their wonderful wedding moment without wearing the Bolero at her Reception after their church ceremony.

With the flexibility of wearing or removing the Bolero on need basis, Brides are open to a wider choice in choosing their Dream Wedding Gown for they will not be restricted to only those that have attached sleeves where these designs could be too vintage to wear for modern days now.

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The Photos are complimentary from Mileen and Erwin and we have got their review over Facebook. Read on to see what they have to say:

“We received a lot of compliments from my husband’s suit and my gown, especially the bolero which everyone loved. Thank you so much for helping us with all respects and needs.”


Gowns for Destination Wedding Photography

Recently we have had many wedding couples whom had signed up with Taiwan Bridal Shops for their pre-wedding photos to be taken in Taiwan. With all the gowns being provided and a definite photo-shoots to be taken at the Taiwan Wedding Theme Park, we find this a little too common to our preference. This would just be like another bridal shops in Singapore and we would not  deemed this as destination wedding photography that we have talked about in our earlier post of Destination Wedding Photography.

To us, the destination should be something unique, to carry the sweet memories of the wedding couples. And so, the destination i.e. country, the photo-shoot locations in the country to the extend of the wedding gowns should be unique. Thus, there will then be an extraordinary wedding album to be shared with your guests.

We would not delve too much into choosing the destination but as soon as a location unique to the couples is decided, they should next proceed to choose the wedding gowns. So Brides! what kind of wedding gowns that you should be choosing for your destination wedding photography?

It would always be good to have one white wedding gown and at least a coloured evening gown. The white wedding gown would be good to bring out the best of a spacious outdoor scenic view whilst the coloured evening gown will be a good pair for shooting the architectural effects of the destination. Brides can also choose a  white wedding gown with long train to accentuate the outlook for the photo album.

With a variety of white wedding gown plus coloured evening gown, couples will not find a plain album to keep for their prolong memories.

Cupido Gowns Customer's Actual PhotoHere we have Sangay and Ottavia flying in to Singapore, all the way from Bhutan and Italy to have their destination wedding photography taken here back in Year 2012.

They have chosen a white tube wedding gown from our collection published at our website here: http://www.cupidogowns.com/wedding-gowns/wedding-gowns/

Body Shape to Determine the Right Wedding Gown

Today we are going to talk about body shapes of Brides with which generally, there are 6 different types of body shapes. Many Brides mistakenly determines their body shape by the size of their body. Remember Brides! Your size does not determine your body shape. Whatever size you may be, understanding your body shape will enable you to fine tune the choice of wedding gown styles that will complement you best.

Below, we have appended a photo of the 6 different body shapes to ease our readers:

Body Shape of Brides

And each of the 6 different types of body shapes  are outline below:

1. Neat Hourglass

Your bust is well defined and you have soft curves to your hips, bottom and tummy. You generally have little difficulty in getting clothes to fit, so most wedding gown styles will suit you as long as your proportions are balanced.

2. Full Hourglass

You have a full bust, a well-defined waist, full hips and possibly a curvy bottom. If you get a good fit on the hips, you will often find the waist of skirts and trousers is too large. Close-fitting designs are your best bet.

3. Triangle

Your bust may be minimal or full, and your shoulders probably narrow and sloping. You will have difficulty finding a shift dress that fits properly. A wedding gown with a full skirt will work well, as will separates.

4. Inverted Triangle

You may have a minimal or defined waist. Dress that show off your shoulders are great for your shape. Straight-line wedding gown styles work well on you, but avoid frills and flounces. You have the perfect shape to add details to your hips and bottom, if you wish.

5. Column

Your appearance is lean and long as you have a minimal bust, just a little shaping around your waist, and flat hips and bottom. You need to consider a wedding gown that really enhances your body shape. A boned bodice and a fuller skirt will work well for you.

6. Rectangle

You may be full or flat chested and your ribcage seems to go straight down to your waist. Your hips and bottom are flat, and you may carry a little weight around your middle. Straight styles are best for you, so look for a wedding gown that gives the illusion of a waist.

Sometimes Brides may find that they fall between two different body shapes. At such situation, make sure that you take into account your scale (petite, average, grand) and proportions (high waisted, low waisted) as this will affect the suitability of various designs when choosing your dream wedding gown. 

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