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Wearing a Can Can with your Dream Wedding Gown. Why Not?

After reserving her Wedding Gown and Evening Dress with us last year for her upcoming wedding in July 2015, Holly came back to us to get hold of some bridal accessories for her trial make up.

As our in-store assistant were asking if she needed a Can Can to go with her Wedding Gown, she immediately said Yes and she shared with us her recent observation when attending a friend’s wedding not long ago.

While enjoying the food at her friend’s Wedding banquet, Holly noticed that her friend was not wearing any Can Can for a puffy Wedding Gown that the Bride was wearing. The situation was a little cumbersome as the Bride was busy taking care of the people around her for not stepping onto her gown.

CupidoGowns - Wedding Gown without Can CanWedding Gown being worn without a Can Can

Over at Cupido Gowns, we always encourage our clients to opt for Can Can with their Wedding Gowns. For many Brides that were being misled by the rumors from friends and relatives and some, to the extent being misled by their gown providers, we have many good reasons to strongly recommend Brides to wear a Can Can with your dream gown.

By wearing a Can Can, the full shape of the Wedding Gown will be brought out, showing intricate details of the wedding gown. The room space created on the inside of the wedding gown allows the Brides to better manage the gown when walking.

WG0133-1 Center Lace Wedding GownLace Wedding Gown with Can Can to bring out the intricate details

As oppose to without wearing a Can Can, the wedding gown will tumble down with the details hidden in between the drapes of the wedding gown. Brides would tend to have the drapes of the wedding gown stuck in between their legs when walking and thus, making managing difficult. Such situation creates clumsiness and Brides would not present the best of themselves at their Wedding Banquet.

To conclude, we always relate the Can Can as the soul of a Wedding Gown and without it, the Wedding Gown would not be presented at its best. Of course, there are many different types of Can Can to match different cuts of Wedding Gowns. Brides shall choose the appropriate Can Can to match their dream wedding gown. If you are not sure, do talk to our in-store experts at Cupido Gowns to choose the right one with our Wedding Gowns.


Push Up Bra For Your Wedding Gown

Today we are going to talk about something really intimate and Yes, it is none other than the push up bra that is an essential item for a Bride on her wedding day. A Push up Bra is a must have for any Brides whom are going to walk tall wearing it with her wedding gown. So much so that choosing a wedding gown is important, we would like to caution that choosing the correct push up bra is as important too.

Recently, we just have had too many clients that came for the fitting of their pre-selected wedding gowns only to find that they have bought an incorrect size of their push up bra. A client share with us that she was told to buy a push up bra with a cup size that is big enough to cover her bust. While she is wearing a regular bra with Cup B size for her daily rounds, she was recommended a size of Cup D push up bra. Frankly, we find that this is incorrect and so we decided to share our knowledge here.

When she brought her D Cup push up bra for the fitting, true enough it is a wrong size. Why do we say so? Wearing it with her tube shape wedding gown, this bigger cup size do not enhance the shape of her bustline but it gave a bulging effect instead. Because of the bigger cup size, it also gives a protruding look on her bustline and thus, the entire outlook of her wearing the wedding gown looks awkward. Furthermore, wearing a bigger cup size than what she is suppose to wear, the push up bra could not be contain inside the wedding gown, just like the image shown below.

Push up bra for wedding gown

This client of ours is not exceptional as many of our other clients have the same thoughts that wearing a bigger cup means it will give a fuller bustline. So which is the correct push up bra to choose for your wedding gown?

First of all, before brides step into a store to buy a push up bra, you have to first determine what is the cup size of your regular bra. The cup size of regular bras range from A to G cup in Singapore. The band of the regular bra is not important here.

When you have determined your regular bra cup size, you should buy a push up bra that is 1 cup size smaller than your regular bra. For example, if you are wearing a C cup regular bra, you should be buying a B cup push up bra. Do note that cup sizes for push up bras range from A cup to E cup only.

Thus, some of you may ask, “What if I am wearing an A cup regular bra? There is no other size that is smaller than A cup”. Our recommendation for you would be to buy an A cup padded push up bra to give a fuller bustline that will accentuate your shape wearing it with your wedding gown.

Compare Push Up Bra

To show you the difference, we have shoot the image of the normal push up bra and the padded ones with a coin to show the difference in depth of the bras. A normal push up bra or silicone push up bra, is rounder and deeper on the inside whilst, the padded push up bra is thicker on the lower half of the bra. Both give the same effect of a deeper cleavage but the padded push up bra adds on to the fullness of bust.

Are you scratching your head now?

If you are looking for your dream wedding gown and have totally no idea which push up bra suits you best, contact us immediately. Our in-store  wedding gown experts will be able give you advice on the proper selection of push up bras.

Click on the following link http://www.cupidogowns.com/ to be amaze by what we have!

We are a one stop Online Wedding Gowns Shop where you can find various unique designs of Wedding Gowns and Evening Gowns for your Wedding Day. All gowns published on our website are available physically in our showroom and we use only Top Quality materials and beads for our gowns.

Basic Shapes of a Wedding Gown

Following our earlier blog on Don’t Judge a Book by its cover when Choosing a Wedding Gown, this time we would like to share that there are still some fundamental guide on the basic shapes for Brides when choosing a wedding gown. The basic styles of wedding gown have barely changed over decades. However, there is still fashionable influences as far as necklines and fullness of the skirts are concerned, but fundamentally the shapes remain the same. Brides would need to identify which shape meets their aspirations while making sure it works for their body shape and wedding style.

There are 6 different basic shapes for wedding gowns and they are shift cut, empire, bias cut, fishtail or what we called mermaid style, A-line and ball gown. The picture below shows these 6 basic shapes:

Basic Shape of Wedding Gowns

Shift Cut Wedding Gown : From the first picture, a shift cut is basically a simple, straight gown with straight darts that will skim the body. The gown can be long or short, with or without sleeves. Because of its simplicity, a shift can easily be enhanced with beading, embroidery and lace. If wished, a train can be incorporated into the wedding gown. You may want to consider a slit in the gown, which will make walking easier as well as adding length to your legs.

Empire Cut Wedding Gown : This is another simple line with high waist emphasis just below the bust. The high waist detail can be as narrow as a single seam or as wide as a cummerbund. This is a good shape if you are small-busted. The gown will flare out gently from where the waist seam finishes and its fullness should be determined by your height ie. the taller you are, the fuller the gown can be. This is a wonderful style to wear if you are going for comfort first or in a flowing fabric if you are a mother-to-be.

Bias Cut Wedding Gown : The secret of the bias cut gown lies in the cutting of the fabric. This is done across the grain of the cloth and gives a soft, fluid and feminine look to the finished gown, which will skim the hips gently. It is much more suitable for softer fabrics. If you wish to incorporate a floating, fluid train, this is the ideal style to choose.

Fishtail Wedding Gown : The fishtail is a variation of the shift, with slightly more waist emphasis and a close-fitting gown that fans out at the bottom, either all round or just at the back. This really works best on a long style and is ideal for decorating all the way round. It creates a very glamorous look which will give the illusion of longer legs. However, take care where the gown starts to flare to ensure you can walk easily.

A-line Wedding Gown : This gown style is in between the shift and the ball gown. The top is fitted and the gown flares out as little or as much as you want. This style is ideally suited to a two-piece combination and is therefore the most flexible for many brides as you can mix fabrics and colours. For extra detail, pleats can be added to the bottom part of the gown if you need to enhance your hips.

Ball Gown Wedding Gown : This is the gown most brides dream about. The bodice is closely fitted and the bottom gown is very full. It is extremely beautiful with its layers upon layers of fabric, petticoats and train, often intricately decorated with beads, pearls and sequins. If you are petite, keep the bottom gown volume to a minimum. This style works particularly well if you have long legs or want to disguise full hips or thighs.

When choosing a wedding gown, Cupido Gowns will always advise Brides to keep an open mind when choosing their dream wedding gown as often times Brides may be surprised when they try on the wedding gown. If you are looking for different unique designs of wedding gown, do check our full collection via this link : http://www.cupidogowns.com/wedding-gowns/wedding-gowns/

Classy Long Train Wedding Gown

At Cupido Gowns, we always remember every single clients whom had visited us regardless of how long ago their visits were and this is a no exception for Joanne Caminero. Her visit to our showroom back in end July this year was truly a short one and within 30 minutes, she made payment to reserve her dream Wedding Gown that was published in our Sale section then at this link: http://www.cupidogowns.com/dress-on-sale/

Joanne has immediately fall in love with this wedding gown the moment she saw it published on our website showing the photos of our actual gown here: http://www.cupidogowns.com/products/wg0096-classy-long-train-wedding-gown/

She likes the super long wedding train together with intricate bead work details being hand-sewn on the bodice of the gown. Like Marge, the bride whom we had talked about earlier, Joanne also could not try on the wedding gown until that Big Day of hers in September 2013. She entrusted her body measurements to our in-store expert and confidently, she collected this classy long train wedding gown 2 weeks later. Curious to find out if the wedding gown fits Joanne and would you wonder how Joanne turn out to be on her wedding day? Check out the photo below that Joanne sent us and see what she has to say too.

WG0096 (1) - Customer's Actual Photo

Sorry to update you so late, here are some of my wedding photos with the gown I so loved. The gown so simply amazing! Thanks to you! – Joanne Caminero (email on 18 September 2013)

Choosing the Right Bridal Bouquet to match Your Wedding Gown

The tradition of tosing the bridal bouquet was adopted from an earlier custom where the newly-wed bride threw her left wedding shoe over her shoulder to indicate her new status and the departure from her old life; the one that caught the wedding shoe would be the next to marry! It is thought that the bridal bouquet replaced the shoe as it is much more convenient for the bride, rather than hobbling about for the rest of the day.

Flowers can stimulate all the senses for they can inspire emotion of passion, love, flamboyance, style and drama. So remember, your flowers do a lot more than simply become your bouquet. They represent your individuality and style and most importantly, it speak volumes about your personality.

It is always best to have chosen your dream wedding gown before selecting your bridal bouquet. Getting the right shape and colour of the bouquet would definitely bring out the best in you wearing the wedding gown. Hence, choosing the right bouquet is as important as choosing your dream wedding gown.

There are no taboos with flowers. Think of fragrance, colour and what you will be wearing. Think of your bouquet as an accessory that will complete your look on your wedding day. It must accentuate your gown and theme of the wedding without drowning out key details on your wedding gown or your body. To help our Brides on this, we at Cupidogowns.com are going to outline some helpful tips to make choosing the right bouquet for you, easy and fun.

There are several styles of bouquet that you can choose from and each style can compliment different gown shapes. We shall first talk about the available bouquet styles follow by matching these styles to the wedding gown shapes.


Shower or Cascade : A bouquet that falls forward in a cascade. The idea with this bouquet is to elongate your silhouette and continue the line of your wedding gown. Very traditional but can be very dramatic if done properly. How about adding honeysuckle or jasmine? Or for a truly contemporary look, the exotic orchid?

The Arm Bouquet : A bouquet that is loosely held on one arm and is the modern way of carrying flowers. Tall, elegant flowers with a clean cut look need to be used, such as calla or lilies or tulips. Very modish.

The Wired Bouquet : A bouquet where the stems are individually wired into shape and the flowers have a less structured, more flowing look. Useful if you want to use lots of different flowers and greenery. This style can be used as a platform for alternative textures such as shells, feathers or twists of material.

The Teardrop : A contemporary shape that still encompasses an aspect of the traditional shower. Works well with deep colours as the shape is thus picked out easily against a light coloured gown.

Hand Tied Bouquet : Probably the most widely used method nowadays as it is highly adaptable and suits a range of dress styles. Don’t be afraid to work with other materials. How about adding some tassels to your bouquet? Or circling it with tulle or organza? The tulle can also be used over the top of the bouquet and pinned at certain points. You could also incorporate feathers or shells as with the wired bouquet. It can look very chic if different colours and types of flowers are used in very tight concentric circles.

Pomander : A tightly constructed bouquet in a 3D shape (such as a globe or a heart), usually carried on the end of a rope or ribbon. Good if you want something really different and can be very effective again is using deep colours. Good for a range of wedding gown styles.

The Posy or Nosegay : Simple and yet stylish. A bunch of lily of the valley or grape hyacinths would be very effective. A dramatic colour especially works well.

Different and Stylish : For a dramatic but simple bouquet, have a skilled florist fashion one very large flower using many blossoms (such as rose petals) to construct a stunning oversized rose bloom, twelve or fourteen inches in diameter.


Straight Dress : If your wedding gown has a straight silhouette the following bouquets should be considered; Shower or Cascade, Arm Bouquet.

Full Dress : If your wedding gown is full and romantic, it is important to accentuate the flow and curves of the body and elongate the shape. Try Wired Bouquet or Teardrop.

Princess Line / A-Line : Your wedding gown may have an empire waist or princess line which flows beautifully away from the body. Try Hand Tied.

Informal or Contemporary Outfit : You may have chosen to wear a suit or a less structured dress. It is really important to give a special finish to your outfit with some of the styles of bouquets listed above. Alternatively why not consider contemporary looks such as Pomander, The Posy or Nosegay, Different and Stylish.

Choosing a perfect bridal bouquet to match your dream wedding gown, there are of course the cost factor that the Bride should take into consideration. For example, a more complicated bridal bouquet would definitely command a higher price by the florist for it requires more of their time. Also, flowers that are seasonal and not usually available in Singapore would also add to the price.

We shall not dwelt too much into the cost consideration here for the Bride shall budget for how much she would want to spend for her big day!

We would recommend this florist (if you are looking for one) : theolive3

Bridal Bouquet

(Photo taken from theolive3 website)

And if you are just starting to shop for your dream wedding gown, do check our online store at http://www.cupidogowns.com

Of course, our in-store selection would definitely be more than those published on our website.

Unique Chain Neckline Wedding Gown

Back in 2011, we have Marge Irish Yap whom visited our store after locating us online at our website http://www.cupidogowns.com . Marge was working in Singapore and she was then pre-planning to buy her wedding gown for her nuptial in Philippines that was to be held in 2012.

We still remember the day when she was visiting at our store, she had asked for this particular Unique Chain Neckline Wedding Gown that we had coded as WG0061. As her culture doesn’t permit her to put on the wedding gown until that very day, Marge had carefully examine the details of this particular wedding gown.

We would proudly say that this particular wedding gown is special with its unique chain that goes around the neck and flowing down to the bust. It was machine tailored with multiple layers of tulle to keep the puffiness of the gown, topping with many layers of quality organza to create the dreamy feeling.

The top of this wedding gown is being complimented with quality bead works that gives the necessary glow to the Bride be it she is wearing it outdoor, indoor at the church or under the spotlight in a ballroom.  Marge has agreed with us that there was none other than this gown for her big day.

With that, we had just based on physical measurement of her bust and waistline and proceeded to alter this wedding gown to the measurement. This method of measuring is slightly different from our usual of having the Bride put on the wedding gown to measure and Tada …. she look so terrific on this gown and we at Cupido Gowns and Dresses are so happy to receive her wedding photos. Personally, I almost tear seeing these beautiful photos of Marge and there you go, presenting wedding photos of Marge wearing our beautiful wedding gown.

WG0061 (2) - Customer's Actual Photo

WG0061 (5) - Customer's Actual Photo

And Marge has sent these photos with a review of us. Below is what she has to say:

This is Marge Yap, I don’t know if you still remember me. I am your past client way back 2011 who bought a wedding gown from your shop. Please see attachments of my wedding photos last May 20,2012. I apologized for sending this late. But, I want you to know that they really like my gown and they’ve love it. I don’t regret of choosing that gown. It’s very unique and I look like cinderella. Hope you like it too!

Definitely we like it! Congratulations to you!

How or what type of Wedding Gown should I buy for my wedding day?

A question that you will definitely asked yourself when you are selecting your Dream Gown.

First of all, there is no one perfect gown to fit everyone. What you really need is to have an open mind when selecting your gown as ideas will change as you select them. What is more important is to try the gown on before condemning it.

Fluffy Lace Weddig Gown

Some brides who came with friends and families were intimidated by their friend’s comments, influencing their preferred choice, some even go against their own preference and purchase what their friends or families had recommended. Most of them did not even wear that gown again as they finally decide that, that is not what they wanted. So our advice is to have a style in mind and come for gown selection armed with that particular style in mind. Our experts will be able to give you more professional advice when you are here based on your body shape and skin tone.

There are also some clients of ours that came here to request for wedding gowns that can hide their arms as they think that their arms are too big or flabby. Normally these brides are those that usually wear all covered tops in their normal day to day life. After assessing their figure, most of the time we often encourage these clients to try out toga  or tube gowns as doing so might bring out the inner beauty in their bust lines and gives their guests a wow effect since they usually don’t see the bride in these outfit.

Don’t worry about your flabby arms, they are easily covered with veil or your photographers can do wonders!

So go all out and dream on your Wedding Gown.

V Neck White ROM Gown With Train

Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown

Today we have Doreen who came in to our store in search of a wedding gown for her wedding lunch reception. She had engaged a wedding planner for this event whom had recommended her to two bridal shops. She was quoted at least S$3500 for a wedding gown in those shops. This is way above her budget. Thus she decide to look online for her ideal wedding gown and she chance upon our site (www.cupidogowns.com).

After browsing through our site, she short-listed several wedding gowns and contacted us for an appointment.

She tried her selected gowns and some other designs from our collection after recommendations by our in-store expert. She finally decides happily on a brand new Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown at S$400 to rent for the event. This Mermaid Wedding Gown is constructed using quality organza with satin as base. The gown has hand-sewn flowery lace with gorgeous bead works that brings out the gracefulness of the gown.

Doreen is one satisfied client as we meet her needs for a simple yet elegant wedding gown for the event. She is happy that she don’t have to pay a handsome bill of S$3500 for her gown.

At Cupido Gowns, we take pride in providing the most affordable and high quality gowns to make all bride a happy one!

You too can join the line of happy brides like Doreen, just give us a call at +65-93823608 or email us at info@cupidogowns.com NOW!

WG0121-1 Toga Mermaid Wedding Gown