Wedding Night Photography

Today, we have bumped upon the following post from Yahoo Singapore where newly married couples in India are trending into having their Wedding Night moments being captured and we are sharing this as a Food for Thought, Would you or would you Not?

Read on to find out more here: - Wedding Night Photography                Screenshot from Yahoo Singapore News

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Say No to Wedding Packages Again

Following through our earlier post on why we say No to Wedding Packages, we are here to say No to Wedding Packages again with the many recent close down of Bridal Shops like Calla Bridal earlier this year and Sophia Wedding Collection just this month.

Cupidogowns Say No to Wedding Packages       Cupido Gowns advise to be cautious when choosing Bridal Shops

With the recent global economy crisis, smaller retailers are starting to slowly closing down and moved out of the store. This is visible at the nearest shopping mall, Jurong Point that is the biggest mall at Boon Lay and having a heavy shoppers traffic. When these retailers moved out, shoppers get to enjoy heavily discounted items that the retailers would want to clear away. This way, shoppers are at the advantage of enjoying discounted goods.

However, when couples shop with Bridal Shops to provide their Wedding essentials, the last thing they want to happen is the closing down of the Bridal Shops that they have signed their wedding packages with.

The recent closure of Sophia Wedding Collection has left 73 couples stranded when it suddenly closed on the 10th October i.e. last Saturday, and the owner remained uncontactable as reported by Channel News Asia. Among the affected couples, some have signed and paid for wedding packages that ranges from S$3,688 to as high at S$7,000. Assuming an average amount paid by each couple of S$5,000, the bosses of Sophia Wedding Collection could have been absconded with a total of S$365,000.

To prevent such circumstances from happening to You, Cupido Gowns advise wedding couples to exercise caution when signing up wedding packages if they really need one, otherwise it will be good to go ala carte.

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P/S: Our price starts from Only S$300 to S$600 and we definitely will not abscond with such low value of money. Nevertheless, our clients claim that the quality of our gowns are way beyond what the Bridal Shops are offering.

Wearing a Can Can with your Dream Wedding Gown. Why Not?

After reserving her Wedding Gown and Evening Dress with us last year for her upcoming wedding in July 2015, Holly came back to us to get hold of some bridal accessories for her trial make up.

As our in-store assistant were asking if she needed a Can Can to go with her Wedding Gown, she immediately said Yes and she shared with us her recent observation when attending a friend’s wedding not long ago.

While enjoying the food at her friend’s Wedding banquet, Holly noticed that her friend was not wearing any Can Can for a puffy Wedding Gown that the Bride was wearing. The situation was a little cumbersome as the Bride was busy taking care of the people around her for not stepping onto her gown.

CupidoGowns - Wedding Gown without Can CanWedding Gown being worn without a Can Can

Over at Cupido Gowns, we always encourage our clients to opt for Can Can with their Wedding Gowns. For many Brides that were being misled by the rumors from friends and relatives and some, to the extent being misled by their gown providers, we have many good reasons to strongly recommend Brides to wear a Can Can with your dream gown.

By wearing a Can Can, the full shape of the Wedding Gown will be brought out, showing intricate details of the wedding gown. The room space created on the inside of the wedding gown allows the Brides to better manage the gown when walking.

WG0133-1 Center Lace Wedding GownLace Wedding Gown with Can Can to bring out the intricate details

As oppose to without wearing a Can Can, the wedding gown will tumble down with the details hidden in between the drapes of the wedding gown. Brides would tend to have the drapes of the wedding gown stuck in between their legs when walking and thus, making managing difficult. Such situation creates clumsiness and Brides would not present the best of themselves at their Wedding Banquet.

To conclude, we always relate the Can Can as the soul of a Wedding Gown and without it, the Wedding Gown would not be presented at its best. Of course, there are many different types of Can Can to match different cuts of Wedding Gowns. Brides shall choose the appropriate Can Can to match their dream wedding gown. If you are not sure, do talk to our in-store experts at Cupido Gowns to choose the right one with our Wedding Gowns.

Wedding Packages

Many of our clients came to ask for Wedding Packages for their planned Photoshoot and also for their upcoming Wedding Day. And we always gracefully rejected the idea of having Wedding Packages. Why so? Read on to find out more.

 Cupidogowns Say No to Wedding PackagesCupido Gowns do not encourage Wedding Packages

What is being offered in the market as Wedding Packages by bridal shops usually include wedding photography, gowns and suits for the couple and eventually, the photo album. These packages often times look very attractive when it is first promoted at roadshows or bridal fair.

However, we have to caution couples whom are going for these “Too Good To Be True” wedding packages as we have met with too many couples whom regretted their decision eventually when the actual package is activated.

When couples signed up for the wedding packages at these bridal roadshows, they were shown the most beautiful wedding albums where the brides (especially) wore elegant, beautiful wedding gowns and some  other evening gowns.

Most times, these packages come with hidden agenda. Eventually when these wedding packages were signed, money been paid for and when the time comes to activate the package during the process of choosing the gowns, it is totally a different story.

Usually during these bridal fairs, couples are being convinced to sign a basic package that usually cost $3,000 to lock them in. And thus, when time comes for Brides to choose their preferred gowns, many times they were restricted to a selected rack of gowns based on the basic package signed upon and of which the gowns available are not as impressive. Couples will then be offered premium rack gowns that would require additional top up payment.

On top of that, with the advent of improved technologies, it is a dismal for couples when not all of the digital photos were given to them. They are usually restricted to only about 30 copies in digital form. When couples request for all the other digital photos, they are again required to top up a substantial payment.

Having said that, we advise couples to go the extra mile to choose your preferred ala carte wedding photographer and wedding gowns provider as it would definitely prove worthwhile. Couples will get to have all the digital photos and choose the definite quality wedding gowns with no disappointment when it is done ala carte.

For friends out there whom are doing ala carte, don’t forget to visit our website at to choose your dream wedding gown.

Evening Gowns for Muslims

You are a Muslim and needed an evening gown to attend a Gala Dinner Event at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. But you could not find Evening Gowns that are elegant yet with long sleeves available in the market. What should you do?

We have been approached by many Muslim clients and finding elegant Evening Gowns that are suitable for them as Muslims is indeed a common problem. Out there in the market, most evening gowns does not come with sleeves cover up. Evening Gowns available off the rack are either sleeveless or a bustier design like this:

LD0350-1 Glittering Tube Evening DressOur New Arrival of Bustier Evening Gown available for purchase or rental. Check this Glittering Tube Evening Dress from our shop.

Back in Year 2011, Fiza approached us with the same difficulty of finding an Evening Gown for Muslims. She had spent few months shopping around town in Singapore to find the Gown but to no avail. Until she came to us, our in-store expert helped solved her problem and She wore this selected Evening Gown to the Gala Dinner.

LD0089 (2) Customer's Actual PhotoFiza wearing our Evening Gown paired with a turtle neck long sleeves shirt.

Although Fiza had finally selected a sleeveless Evening Gown, we have had advised her to pair it with a long sleeves turtle neck shirt and it turn out that she looks extremely gorgeous, won’t you agree?

So to our Muslim Friends out there, wait no more to contact us for an appointment to view our collection. Our friendly in-store experts will assist you in all way that we can.

Will Sport Shoes go well with your ROM Gown?

He is a fan of the famous Jordan shoes and he told us that he has over 300 pairs of shoes under his collection. Some of which are just for collection and showcase, thus not to be worn. And she told us that they are both going to wear the same design of Jordan sport shoes during their solemnisation or ROM, which is what we called it here in Singapore.

Retro-Air-Jordan-11-White-Black-Blue-ShoesOne of the many designs of Jordan Shoes.

A little skeptical whether the Jordan shoes that they mentioned will go well with our ROM Gown, we went on to help Rebecca shortlist some funky designs that we have at our showroom based on our imagination of their Jordan shoes.

Turn out, the outcome is not too bad! Both Rebecca and her husband indeed worn them well with our ROM Gown and his Suit. Check them out here: - Rebecca 2Rebecca wearing our Wavy Short ROM Gown to match their couple shoes.

When Rebecca put this ROM Gown to try, the moment she walked out of the fitting room, they both agreed that this is The Gown for their Big Day. To have a better showcase of their Jordan shoes, Rebecca had requested to shorten the ROM Gown. To accord to her request, we have shorten it visibly and yet not sacrificing the puffy layering of the gown.

Cupidogowns Customer's Photos - Rebecca 3Up close look of Rebecca wearing our ROM Gown matching her Jordan shoes.

Don’t you agree that Rebecca look really wonderful in these combination? She indeed is.

So Friends out there whom have not procure your ROM Gown, wait no more to check with our in-store experts to find your Dream Gown at our showroom. Do contact us via this link: to book a viewing appointment with us.

The Photos’ credit goes to Rebecca for forwarding us their many beautiful photos and she had sent us her likes through whatsapp. This is what she has to say:

“Thank you for making the little dress to our expectation. We love it!” - Rebecca 3

Bolero to match your Dream Wedding Gown

Many times we have been approached by our Brides telling us that they are walking the aisle of Churches and they could not be wearing a Wedding Gown that reveals too much of their skin. So what will be our recommendation, they asked.

Having a completely covered up Wedding Gown, we felt that it is too mature for any Bride’s outlook as the completely covered up Wedding Gown carries a little of vintage element. Unless Brides are having a Vintage Wedding Theme, we would otherwise recommend Brides to either wearing detachable sleeves or having a matching bolero.

Cupidogowns.wordpress - Bolero 1We have Mileen wearing our Wedding Gown with a lovely matching Bolero which she loves so much, preparing to walk the aisle.

The best part to wearing a Bolero with your Dream Wedding Gown is of course its advantage of having the necessary cover when Brides walk the aisle at the church. Its next best feature is, a Bolero plays an important part in creating 2 different styles for Brides i.e. One that covers the Bride when she needs cover at the Church and Second, it being removable, will let the Brides showcase their Dream Wedding Gown at the Reception.

</p>Mileen enjoying their wonderful wedding moment without wearing the Bolero at her Reception after their church ceremony.

With the flexibility of wearing or removing the Bolero on need basis, Brides are open to a wider choice in choosing their Dream Wedding Gown for they will not be restricted to only those that have attached sleeves where these designs could be too vintage to wear for modern days now.

Do speak to our in-store experts to finding your most loved Dream Wedding Gown and Do contact us via this link: to book a viewing appointment with us.

The Photos are complimentary from Mileen and Erwin and we have got their review over Facebook. Read on to see what they have to say:

“We received a lot of compliments from my husband’s suit and my gown, especially the bolero which everyone loved. Thank you so much for helping us with all respects and needs.”

Colours for ROM Gown

Many of our clients asked, “Must I choose white for my ROM Gown?”

Our answer has always been the same and that is “It Depends”. So, it depends on what many would asked.

In this modern age, there is really no hard and fast rule to follow when choosing your ROM Gown in Singapore. If you are a person to follow the tradition or you have some elderly at home, whom would like you to wear a white gown for your ROM, of course then, we would advise you to pick a white gown.

SD0160-1 Wavy Short ROM GownIf you love this ROM Gown, click on the photo to check its availability at our website. Alternatively, you may click upon this link: Wavy Short ROM Gown

However, if you are open to colour choices, then colours like chili red and lovely peach would be good choices for your ROM Gown. These colours would definitely make you stand out from the crowd especially when you have photographers capturing your happy moments instantly when you least notice them.

SD0176-1 Bubbly Roses Dinner GownThis is the latest arrival at our showroom. If you love this gown, book with us early to avoid disappointment and this is Bubbly Roses Dinner Gown.
SD0174-1 Sweet Peach Dinner GownAnd this is a Sweet Peach Dinner Gown to add another choice for your selection.

Having said that, we don’t mean that wearing a white ROM gown will make you a plain Jane. If you choose to wear white, then choosing the right design will matter most.

If you need advice on choosing the right ROM Gown for your ceremony, we have our in-store experts available at our showroom to assist you. Do contact us via this link: to book a viewing appointment with us.

Gowns for Destination Wedding Photography

Recently we have had many wedding couples whom had signed up with Taiwan Bridal Shops for their pre-wedding photos to be taken in Taiwan. With all the gowns being provided and a definite photo-shoots to be taken at the Taiwan Wedding Theme Park, we find this a little too common to our preference. This would just be like another bridal shops in Singapore and we would not  deemed this as destination wedding photography that we have talked about in our earlier post of Destination Wedding Photography.

To us, the destination should be something unique, to carry the sweet memories of the wedding couples. And so, the destination i.e. country, the photo-shoot locations in the country to the extend of the wedding gowns should be unique. Thus, there will then be an extraordinary wedding album to be shared with your guests.

We would not delve too much into choosing the destination but as soon as a location unique to the couples is decided, they should next proceed to choose the wedding gowns. So Brides! what kind of wedding gowns that you should be choosing for your destination wedding photography?

It would always be good to have one white wedding gown and at least a coloured evening gown. The white wedding gown would be good to bring out the best of a spacious outdoor scenic view whilst the coloured evening gown will be a good pair for shooting the architectural effects of the destination. Brides can also choose a  white wedding gown with long train to accentuate the outlook for the photo album.

With a variety of white wedding gown plus coloured evening gown, couples will not find a plain album to keep for their prolong memories.

Cupido Gowns Customer's Actual PhotoHere we have Sangay and Ottavia flying in to Singapore, all the way from Bhutan and Italy to have their destination wedding photography taken here back in Year 2012.

They have chosen a white tube wedding gown from our collection published at our website here:

Push Up Bra For Your Wedding Gown

Today we are going to talk about something really intimate and Yes, it is none other than the push up bra that is an essential item for a Bride on her wedding day. A Push up Bra is a must have for any Brides whom are going to walk tall wearing it with her wedding gown. So much so that choosing a wedding gown is important, we would like to caution that choosing the correct push up bra is as important too.

Recently, we just have had too many clients that came for the fitting of their pre-selected wedding gowns only to find that they have bought an incorrect size of their push up bra. A client share with us that she was told to buy a push up bra with a cup size that is big enough to cover her bust. While she is wearing a regular bra with Cup B size for her daily rounds, she was recommended a size of Cup D push up bra. Frankly, we find that this is incorrect and so we decided to share our knowledge here.

When she brought her D Cup push up bra for the fitting, true enough it is a wrong size. Why do we say so? Wearing it with her tube shape wedding gown, this bigger cup size do not enhance the shape of her bustline but it gave a bulging effect instead. Because of the bigger cup size, it also gives a protruding look on her bustline and thus, the entire outlook of her wearing the wedding gown looks awkward. Furthermore, wearing a bigger cup size than what she is suppose to wear, the push up bra could not be contain inside the wedding gown, just like the image shown below.

Push up bra for wedding gown

This client of ours is not exceptional as many of our other clients have the same thoughts that wearing a bigger cup means it will give a fuller bustline. So which is the correct push up bra to choose for your wedding gown?

First of all, before brides step into a store to buy a push up bra, you have to first determine what is the cup size of your regular bra. The cup size of regular bras range from A to G cup in Singapore. The band of the regular bra is not important here.

When you have determined your regular bra cup size, you should buy a push up bra that is 1 cup size smaller than your regular bra. For example, if you are wearing a C cup regular bra, you should be buying a B cup push up bra. Do note that cup sizes for push up bras range from A cup to E cup only.

Thus, some of you may ask, “What if I am wearing an A cup regular bra? There is no other size that is smaller than A cup”. Our recommendation for you would be to buy an A cup padded push up bra to give a fuller bustline that will accentuate your shape wearing it with your wedding gown.

Compare Push Up Bra

To show you the difference, we have shoot the image of the normal push up bra and the padded ones with a coin to show the difference in depth of the bras. A normal push up bra or silicone push up bra, is rounder and deeper on the inside whilst, the padded push up bra is thicker on the lower half of the bra. Both give the same effect of a deeper cleavage but the padded push up bra adds on to the fullness of bust.

Are you scratching your head now?

If you are looking for your dream wedding gown and have totally no idea which push up bra suits you best, contact us immediately. Our in-store  wedding gown experts will be able give you advice on the proper selection of push up bras.

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